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This Unreal Fest Europe 2019 presentation by Oclus VR’s Software Engineer Loren McQuade shows how to configure, build, deploy, debug, and profile your UE4 project for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest. This talk assumes you are familiar with PC development on UE4, and focuses on considerations to keep in mind developing a VR application for Oculus HMDs.

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28 Replies to “Using UE4 to Develop for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest | Unreal Fest Europe 2019 | Unreal Engine”

  1. Project Settings–>Plugins–>OculusVR does not show up. Even if the Plugin is activated. Using 4.23 and 4.24.1
    I can't access those settings. How to fix that?

  2. I keep getting black and green artifacts on the screen when deploying to the oculus quest (UE4) , does anyone have a tips on how to solve this? i think it might be a bug, will effect materials and happens if Nav volume or material is added. happens on version 23 and 24 UE4 :/

  3. 9:14 are any of those "oculusVR" plugin settings still there? i can't see it all and there isn't any documentation on it

  4. hey guys for the quest are we to enable multi-view/multi-view direct and instanced stereo or only multi-view/multi-view direct?

  5. wtf, forward rendering and instanced stereo are options for desktop. It should do nothing on android-driven device.

  6. Latest oculus software update messed up something with Enable HMD stuff. Like it can literally fail to link the oculus hardware to the camera control and leave you stuck in limbo. And the fact that it basically demands the oculus is active and mounted for a level to load the controller properlly into a HMD setup is not good.

  7. I believe its missing mentioning the required Android Debug Bridge. All other tutorials I've found online mention the need of it for Unreal Engine to connect to the Quest.

  8. Can Oculus Quest support 2 activities
    I use UE4 and Native SDK to develop a Quest APP.The logic is that i can see the UE4 activity firstly,then jump to anther activity that is developed by Android Native SDK.
    The problem is that i cann't see anything in this activity of Native SDK after jumded.
    But there is no problem in Oculus Go using this APP.

  9. The info is pure gold. but the presenter should have had a few shots before he went on stage. He's clearly so very uncomfortable! and he mumbles a lot despite clearly knowing what he's talking about!

  10. I downloaded 4.22.2 and I don't see the "package for oculus mobile devices" option in order to select oculus quest . Where is it?

  11. @2:15 After associating my GitHub account, I still do not have access to the Repository. Does anyone know if there is a propagation period?

  12. I'm trying to understand how I can develop for the Quest on a Mac using UE4 4.22.2. I don't see the Oculus plugin listed.

  13. I cant find the option for the HMD im targeting for (tc 8.08). Im using 4.22. Its suposed to be under platforms->android?

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