Walking in Adobe Character Animator (2018 – ARCHIVED)

There is an updated version of this tutorial:

The Walk behavior in Adobe Character Animator CC lets you quickly rig a character for movement across a scene. This tutorial covers everything from how to set up your artwork, how to rig your character and add tagged handles like shoulders and knees, and how to adjust the parameters to make a custom walk style that matches the personality of your character. It’s never been easier to get a character walking and talking for animation!

Download the free Kaufman example puppet:

And here are the three videos I talk about at the end:
Simple left/right movement:
Walking & head turns:
Foreground/background movement:

Download Character Animator:
Download free example projects and puppets: (official adobe pack) and (okay samurai puppet pack)
Check out the official forums:
Share your creations on social media using #CharacterAnimator!

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  • So I do a live stream with my character. Is there no way to have a background in the CA project with a walk behavior on it? I have one but since the behavior is on the whole project the background moves off stage with my character. It would be great if there was a way to make something in the scene stationary.

  • Thank you for this tutorial! What if the character has more than 2 legs? And they walk on all fours?

  • After watching this video and constant rewinding, I finally got my character to walk smoothly. This guy is awesome. Another awesome tutorial. Thanks so much mate!

  • Very helpful tutorials , i followed and came up with an animation.


  • Puppet Selling question: Can I use Adobe's sample puppet as a base, but then go into illustrator and completely change it to my own idea, can I with the use of your hashtag make that character profitable for myself?

  • I tagged everything as you show here in the Body section, but all handles are still showing 0. Can't figure out why.

  • Hi Dave, I notice this puppet is a quarter view, can I take a full front view and create right and left view in photoshop? If Yes, Are there any videos on how to do that. I have a puppet that I would like to eventually walk, but he is front view only.

  • Do you have a video of the ninja puppet construction for that puppets walk cycle? I'm trying to pick that apart so I can do something similar. Is it possible to keyframe a frontal walk cycle toward the screen from afar?

  • I Have a Problem with my rigging Issues :
    layout tagged as Alt Mouth (f,s,ah,Ee And all ) is not being used by any behavior
    And I did every thing just like you did. But still can't Trigger the sad Mouth or confused One >> Just happy puppet all time

  • Thanks for the great tutorial. Really appreciated!…..But i have issue on left profile…..If i use puppet and change all layers with my char one by one then it works for me but if i copy right profile and make duplicate and make it to left profile then it doesn't work. I keep pressing left keyboard button but only frontal view is visible and nothing is happening only right profile works……..Kindly please explain the issue…??

  • I'm so frustrated. I'm missing some basic step. When I change the "view" of "front head, right quarter, left quarter". It changes that object for all other views as well! Grrrr

  • love your stuff but you should really make a direct connection to adobe animate….these two should work together the svg import doesnt rea;ly help

  • Good video, but I think I'm dealing with something that you haven't covered in the video..
    The legs of my pupet can't stick with it's body…
    Driving me crazy.😱

  • Dave your videos are very useful to learn about character animator, but I didn't find any useful videos about driving cars,scooter or wheels rolling…. Is there any way to do this kind of tricks or animate a car….
    thank you..

  • Hi there! Thanks for the tutorial. It works great for classic 2 legged and 2 handed characters. But what about a 4 legged creature like this – https://drive.google.com/open?id=1wM9yxJX3K6E5rIu0aPGFE1SpfPB-4Vdx – that has no hands and has 2 pair of legs? I've tried to rig all its limbs as legs but what I get is this mess – https://drive.google.com/open?id=17sjk0MWsJdvPIItLgQvwZvlb49XeUoWF Is there a way to fix that? Thanks!

  • Thank you so much. I have a question. I have a different layer for the pants. I actually have a layer of shorts on top of the legs. It is a single layer. So, my character's shorts are staying in place while the legs are moving. How should I make the shorts also move?

  • This is a great tutorial. I recently starts learning Adobe Character Animator. Can you please give the link of the psd file for this project so that everyone can practice.

  • Dave just a question how do you do the walk cycle with an animal with 4 legs?
    Thanks for all the great work you do here on YouTube

  • Hello! May I ask a question?
    I just started learning Character Animator.

    I'm wondering if I've created a motion on puppet A.
    Can I copy the same motion to puppet B?
    Does Character Animator have biped system?😅

    Thank you!😄

  • Do you have any videos on Animating a dog or other 4 legged animal, thats legs move in a different way to a human?

  • Can you export this animation as a video png? I'm currently stuck whilst making my animation as I need to export it into a video editor where I can add backgrounds etc. If anyone can help, that would be hugely appreciated!

  • Firstly, thank you so much for these tutorials…they're awesome. My team produce whiteboard animations for language learning but since testing Character Animator, we're going to make a transition to full animation.
    Just wanted to know if you had any ideas/tips/hacks for walking up steps.

  • Hey Okay Samurai! I'm curious… and a lil lazy 😀 but is there a way of copying the rigging parameters of one puppet over to another?

  • Hi, when I import my PSD into Character animator It shows one extra folder in Character Animator which is the name I saved the document as however, you only have three folders: Kaufman, Head and Body. Do you know why this is?

  • When I create "Walk" behavior on Top level of puppet group it doesn't show any handles (they are all 0). It only works if I create Walk on Sub- Sub- Folder and then it shows handles 1

  • Nice tutorial! But I'm stuck in one part tho 🙁
    I dont know why but I cant see the green points from 8:27 . When I click at the body only the right arm appears

  • Hi My character is walking in place and I have the body speed turned up to 100%. I have watched countless videos trying to figure it out on my own but unfortunately can not.

  • I dont know how to combine Photoshop with character animator please we need a video explaining basics from scratch thanks

  • Sorry, did I miss something here? I have created the walk behaviours for both left and right profiles, but missed what I need to do to get my character to walk left and right when I press the arrow keys. Do need to create motion triggers??

  • Dave is it too hard or complex to make a how to video on a simpler 3 views walking rig?? One that would have all the main images with no xtras like switch layers or body part substitutions from the angles front, 3/4 views right and left also with a simple walking rig? Then users can have a basic framework to add to and could add their own switches and substitutions or anything else they'd need. Thanks Dave very much. 🙂

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