Westworld S3E02 Explained

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What reality is Maeve in? What are the parks of Westworld, Warworld, and Medieval World? What’s up with Bernard and Stubbs? Who is Serac, and what does he want?

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  • Just a lil music…low low music to go with the soothing voice and this would be perfect 👌🏾.. Already Subscriber w/ no plans on leaving . Thanx for tha breakdown

  • Is it at all significant you that David is the father of Solomon? An even earlier version? Haley Joel Osment cameo anyone?

  • When I saw Dan and Dave on this episode I was praying they don't get involved in Westworld's production and fuck up another show

  • "And who better to bring to the park, than Dan and Dave?"
    Lisa Joy was making fun of Tyrion's line in that GoT episode!

  • Hmm… Maeve's body is in storage… I'm guessing this new body was built by Serac and because of that, he could freeze her motor functions. Some differences here though – he uses a handheld device instead of a verbal command. Also, it seems she was fully conscious and listening while frozen – you can see the disappointment in her eyes as Serac continues talking to her. I wonder what other failsafes he built into her new body…

  • I recall a star trek episode where they overloaded androids similar to what mauve did, that TOS episode was before Rick and morty.

  • Great video as always, man! You always do such a great job explaining things and I use it as a review of the previous episode right before watching the new one. One thing I wanted to tell you is I heard that the real actor that plays Stubbs blew out his shoulder trying to do a stunt for that fight scene so that's why it was cut short and kind of lame.

  • if Ford was god – why he in black? And if Serac is the Devil – why he in white? Maybe you got 'er backwards there bud! But still… well done!

  • I guess the explanation of this episode was just a simulation and the real world is controlled by Audible advertisers.

  • Remember that a Host is in control of Delos right now which may explain a lot about the parks, the drone hosts walking around gave me a strong vibe that the Charlotte Hale host is making the park more and more under their control. I think Bernard was allowed to get in and out as easily as he did, and that the Charlotte copy and Dolores are probably aware of it.

  • Love the segway into audible… got me intrested in the connection between Jurassic Park and Westworld then drop the promo! Smooth.. Also another amazing video!

  • a couple things I noticed: one of the GOT'S showrunners said he had an offer for the dragon in Costa Rica. Harriet, the robot that tried to escape with Maeve's core unit, got shot surrounded by palm trees, and a building with spanish looking arched windows. Then we see Maeve inside that building with the spanish windows and palm trees outside. That tells me that Maeve, her body, her core, and the simulation all must exist in the real world Costa Rica.

    I watch with closed captions, in case i miss something. and I saw the spelling of the new guys name … Serac Engerraund. Knowing what I know about the show and names, (ie: Bernard Lowe is an anagram of Arnold Weber) … my first notion was to rearrange Serac, and came up with Scare, or Races. Then, looking at the last name, Danger popped out at me. That leaves Rune, so I'm kinda stumped. I could be barking up the wrong tree.

    Waddaya think?

  • Westworld is ridiculous …..
    Anything can be real , fake , a simulation , a dream , etc …..
    As soon as They invent the "time travel device" it will be a total joke …..
    Nothing is real , so why bother ?

  • The thing about the drone hosts is this, whoever is in charlotte’s body is in charge of Delos. So the way I figure it, Dolores has sent them down there for purposes that really terrify me

  • Season 3 is taking place in future world, calling it now. Just a simulation/practice of the robot takeover of the real world.

  • At first I was like, why the fk are we wasting time with a park storyline, this doesn't matter at all, then it's like oh… still some time wasted but it kinda made sense…

  • Okay somebody help me find where I can watch this show for free. I like paying for my streaming services, but I have a bunch at this point.

  • Wait a second, why do you use a quote from Stubbs saying "free will might not be somewhat overrated" to claim he believes free will to be overrated? Do you reckon he's just realising its value; that he's waking up? Or am I missing something?

  • I'm enjoying it so far but I hope they are not too liberal with the fan service and Easter eggs. It just ruins shows in my experience. Takes you out of the experience.

  • I didn't know the Host paradise was called the "Sublime" That's totally got to be a shoutout to Iain M. Bank's Culture novels XD XD XD Good one, Nolan!

  • Reprogramming Stubbs might be ethically ambiguous, sure, but I'd argue that Bernard was doing Stubbs a favor. Ford created Stubbs to fulfill a specific purpose, his "core drive", and basically wanted him to throw him away like an old shirt once that purpose was fulfilled. It's like, say, raising a kid to basically be a walking organ donor because your first kid has health problems, and then killing that second kid once they donated their liver or something. Bernard gives Stubbs a new purpose, basically breathing life back into him.

    Also, Stubbs is interesting in that he's the first host we've met that was basically "born" knowing that he was a host; he was never deceived about his true nature.

  • things i dont get it: if maeve was all along in a simulation, how did she managed to use sizemores tablet? and why she thought she could lobotomized hersef, if her actual mind was inside of that glass thing that after all that robot stole for her, and not into her body, because inside of the simulation, she didnt had reall body with her mind in it.

  • The inclusion of D and D in this series is a slap in the face to every invested GoTs fan, and is similar to Ed Sherran making an appearance in the aforementioned series. What an insult to have these two dropkicks make an appearance.

  • I dig your commentary! Others sorta get on my nerves….I think it's your delivery as well as the concise explanation! Don't take offense if I ever criticize future vids……I'm just a Puerto Rican George costanza

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