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Tutorial created on Adobe Fireworks for beginners.
I will discuss: Panels; Layers; States, Animations; Properties; Gradients; Select Tools; Vector Tools; Filters; Bitmap tools;
Yep a whole lot in 13 mins


37 Replies to “What is Adobe Fireworks – The Basics”

  1. ไม่รู้ใช้ทำอะไร แต่ก้ไส่มาไห้เสียตังเพิ่ม

  2. This was an EXCELLENT INTRO!

    I had a bit of understanding about Photoshop and a little less on illustrator…but after seeing this I feel like I can do Fireworks…and I actually think I would like it more than the other two. Great job and thanks

  3. This software is Photoshops little bitch.
    Why does this software exists anyway ? Isn't photoshop the master in these things since it can also do 3d and animation ?
    I really do not see the use of this app man.
    I normally use : PS, DW,AE,PR .
    No adobe flash,fireworks….

  4. Very nice introduction — a very effective and efficient starter for new users. (I wasn't going to comment until I read some of the negative ones below — but this is very nice and shouldn't have any negative comments at all.)

  5. Hi, my toolbar that is located on the left of your video has completely vanished from my fireworks and i dont know how to get it back, can anybody help me? im useless with this type of thing really…

  6. this in no way explains what fireworks is – you have only shown functions available in other programs.

  7. I guess he is chinese speaking british english… that's why he has this ascent. But he done a good job anyway.

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