What is Adobe XD? 3 Features To Boost Your Workflow!

What is Adobe XD? At its core, it’s a UI/UX application for designing and prototyping mobile/desktop/web applications, with features like repeatable grids, symbols, desktop/device preview, and more!

Learn more and download #AdobeXD:

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  • At the end you say you can download and use Adobe XD for free, but you mean just a free trial right?

    It still costs money to use it after the trial?

  • Hi howard,impressed the way u explain.Can i get ur complete video tutorials of this Adobe XD course expert level.kindly let me know.waiting for ur reply.

  • Our company uses adobe ps to create mockups to show to client. Should we consider xd, Considering everything works fine with psd..

  • Thanks, very concise. I started using it recently and enjoy it so far. Currently, I noticed they update XD more than any other Adobe program right now.

  • Question: is XD for building smartphone apps only or also for website? Either way, is there a means to migrate the design to Wordspace or Squarespace after it is built? Or how does one turn it into a real smartphone app and/or a real web app? Thank you.

  • Would have been better if the "Mmm, Pasta" and "Burgers!" had been properly associated with the right image (at 2:06)

  • I believe the Repeat Grid is an awesome feature, but rarely can it be used as efficiently is in this and many other examples available out there. 1. You would need to type in the restaurant names in the txt file. Sure, it can probably be generated by some plugins or an online tool. But anyway. 2. You have to match the title and the image somehow. Even if it can be random to some extent – like profile pics – male/female names have to be matched with the pic.

  • If only Adobe would add the coding automatically through designing.
    I don't like to code, it's not my cup of tea.

  • Contrary to the title of video, you didn't say "what is Adobe XD"? I am confused. Is it app design tool, app layout design tool, of graphic design.

  • I am new to adobe. I basically edit video and photos. I look at your post because I thought you were going to tell what XD was because your title says that. 👎🏿. I’ll look elsewhere. Thanks for taking the time to show that you know XD.

  • Amazing video!

    I am really struggling with sizes and scale when it comes to using a possibly different phone to prototype and preview. And if I also wanted to share the project how would I make sure that the people trying it won't have cut sides or black sections?

    Thank you in Advance!

  • looks great from designers viewpoint, so how does this transition to a finished app? Do you output those elements and interactivity to dreamweaver or indesign? There seems to be an app missing for app creation in the adobe suite? Or is app dev the part of pure coding javascript, and serverside databases? Do you have to create all that interactivity and elements again in another software or coding application?

  • Nice vid Howard! I have one question though, this means that we don't have to program in HTML and CSS and Javascript anymore, since Adobe XD already has everything? You could even connect it to your phone and voila

  • Does it have version control when you have to deal with changes and keep track of them inside the design document itself

  • Ummm, wow! Had no idea I had an app that did all of this! Thanks for the great vid and explanation 🙂

  • HI, ONLY wonder how to apply the XD you done on a website ? Long time wonder how this work / true is can only be open in a XD Mobil App / and NOT many people NOT have the XD App – // Hope I can clear this out – long time wonder how to do …. 😉 …

  • I was so impressed with your demonstration I installed the app and am now about to begin my first XD Project. Great job Howard!

  • Hi sir i wanna ask you two question about adobe xd, please.. is the software only as a prototype design or is it possible to make a mobile application? and the second question, is XD able to create web-based applications? Thanks sir, greeting from jakarta, Indonesia …. ig: ahmad_irfanda_hmd

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