What is SSD Overprovisioning?

Have you ever noticed how SSDs are often listed as having different capacities than traditional hard drives? There’s actually a very good reason for this…

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  • The Crucial MX500 series of ssds appears to have a firmware bug that causes them to waste most of the finite lifetime writes per NAND block, which will cause MX500s to die prematurely. My guess is that the ssd firmware's Static Wear Leveling algorithm is too aggressive about trying to maintain perfect equality of write count per block, which is foolish unless Crucial wants their ssds to die soon after the warranty expires. The bug correlates perfectly with another well-known bug of the MX500 series: the S.M.A.R.T. attribute "Current Pending Sectors" frequently changes briefly to 1. You can see the perfect correlation by logging two S.M.A.R.T. attributes every couple of seconds for several hours: "Current Pending Sectors" and "FTL Background Page Writes." The log shows the brief changes of Current Pending Sectors to 1 occur during huge increases of FTL Background Page Writes: it changes to 1 at the beginning of the FTL surge, and changes back to 0 at the end of the surge. Unclear is the cause and effect: is the change to 1 a weird side effect of the surge, or does the change to 1 trigger the surge? Each surge lasts at least 5 seconds so logging every 2 seconds will reveal the correlation. Each surge writes a multiple of approximately 37,000 NAND pages, which is approximately 1 GByte: usually 37,000-ish pages, sometimes 74,000-ish pages, occasionally as much as 5 x 37,000. I'm writing this hoping that LTT will reproduce my result and publicize the bugs in order to exert pressure on Crucial to fix the bugs.

  • I seriously doubt that SSD manufacturers would intentionally understate the size of their device to allow for overprovisioning. My SSD has a capacity of 128 GB / 119.24 GbiB, 117.15 GB of which are available to the OS. The difference of 2.09 GbiB could be for overprovisioning.

  • "Overprovisioning" complete BS, HDD's never lost 20 GB on a 120 GB drive going to garbage collection, space is only lost due to formatting, table file differences. I never expected that in 2020 people are accepting this pathetic scam, not even a caveman would fall for this scam.

  • The first SSD I got was an 80 gb intel ssd for 200 dollars 10 years ago. It had a read speed of 250 mb/s and a write speed of 95 mb/s (sequential), but far higher random read/writes than hard drives. I just got a 1000 gb ssd for 145 bucks which has a read speed of 560 mb/s and a write speed of 525 mb/s. That's a decrease in cost per gb by a factor of around 17. Incredible stuff. My build lasted 10 years before I replaced the motherboard and CPU, and it still ran fine. This is why I suggest building your own so you can replace parts as needed.

  • Teacher: ok class can anyone tell us what 1,073,741,824 mega bytes translates too?
    Kid 1: thats a gigabyte!!
    Random kid in the corner that never talks: unh uh that theres a darn G I B I B Y T E

  • Its also worth pointing out that, most (or all) computer storage manufacturers uses a base 10 system (1 GB = 1,000,000,000 bytes), but computers always uses base 2 system, so 1 GB (Or the Linux users might see the OS mentioned it as GiB: Gi"Bi"Bytes) is actually 1,073,741,824 Bytes.

    So, for every 1 GB the hard drive advertised, you'll lose around 73 megabytes when the computer addresses it (without addition in formatting overhead, file systems and such)

  • Thank you so much Techquickie….i am so bloody tired of trying to sit through these foreign language speaking nerds who apparently like to hear themselves talk on video more than cutting to the chase, getting to the point and presenting the answers to the posed questions….

  • Ok but,is the overprovisioning space subjected under the level wearing rules? And anyway this space will be destroyed really fast because of the frequent write cycles, it should be RAM…but maybe i just didnt get it the right way.

  • I came across the term 'overprovisioning' last night when I used Samsung's Magician. TQ, thanks for the explanation. It makes sense to this middle aged bloke. Of course to one of my vast age (54.5*), overprovisioning and garbage collection could well mean different things. https://db.tt/reS2LaaEXp https://db.tt/pnUy8RygPi LOL EDIT: Re Magician: That'll teach me to make a comment before I've watched all of your video.

  • I miss the defrag coloured blocks that used to display the amount of defragmentation being corrected. I used to watch them till the early hours of the morning.

  • Seems like an interesting feature … There's quite some guides on SSD performance, and few mention this function.

  • I don't think that leaving an unallocated partition will make SSDs see it as an over provisioning space. Where is the source of that info?

  • If this is true, why do users still require to leave free space for the sake of manual overprovisioning term?

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