Which Flavor is BEST? Amazing Grass Green Superfood Review


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  • great review! I had bought the chocolate one and hated it on its own but I'm definitely gonna try it with my protein powder after my next workout!

  • Tell me if I did this wrong but I mixed the energy lemon lime with cucumber and melon fresh Juiced fruits and I added a frozen banana. This was my breakfast period at the end of the day I'm going to try the original with speak cucumber and carrot juice. I have a feeling that's going to be nasty

  • Hi Kevin! This is Kristine with Amazing Grass. We dig your videos! Mind shooting me an email at kesteban@amazinggrass.com, and we can link up + send you more of our greens.


  • Hey Kevin, really liked your video; leaving a like! We are a new YouTube channel focused on all things fitness called 'MechFitness' and it would mean a lot if you checked us out!

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