Why are my SSD Drives Running Slow after a year

Update: I figured why my Kingston “S” scratch drive was running slow, I had it connected to a Marvel 6G port on my motherboard, when I connected it to my Intel 6G port, it was above 500MB/s on both read and write. I not know much about the Marvell ports but I have it set in AHCI mode in the Bios and others on the web say it just runs slow, so I will avoid it unless anyone knows how to make it fast. As for the Crucial 960GB M500 drive I am running the “Active Garbage Collection” for the next 8 hours to see if that will fix it.

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  • i have a kingston 120gb ssd, and the write speed is like 50mbps now, read speeds is still like in the 500's

  • 12G SSD and NVME would be even faster than SATA III potential. Nevertheless, 12G mechanical drive would be sweet too, as long as you don't freak out with SSD tree huggers and are married to SSDs. In general, 750 MB/s is the 6G Sata III throughput maximum per port, and a strong system can stay at that speed without dropping when a large data packet is sustained. Still the 6Gbps drives might not be able to process faster than 6G when things drop in the best case. Burst speed could be faster, but SATA III drives might cap out at 6Gbps, and it would take more than one drive to see a SATA III drive hit 6Gbps like a storage server or something like that. If you can benchmark higher than that, it does look phenomenal *but it might never seem like it really is that fast. Thousands of small files might actually cause the speed to drop. Each Gigabit is 125 Megabytes. SATA SSD might be able to stretch defined speeds to a unique burst rate variation. Here is one score I achieved. The speed is less than the benchmark of the storage because the system just isn't quite as fast, and despite this fact, it still was a good speed. If I forget to delete this reply when I take down the graphic, please just consider my post as an expired post. Any dead link has to be an assumed expired post or incomplete post. So, as long as my link here works, then this is a validated response. *https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R17M1HK2G9YKAM

  • I have my 2012 15" i7, 16 ram and SSD and its running writing speed at 80 MB ??? Does any body knows why?? with more than 90% of free SDD space , Cheers!

  • the drives may be defective…ive still got an original pair of 250gb 840 evos in raid using the dreaded tic chips, and they have maybe 80 tb data written and still run as fast as the day I got them…initially I was worried abt writing to any ssd too much that it would wear it out but I changed my viewpoint and use them to the max…I would normally say ur trim was not being used but u verified it was…

  • TBW total Bytes written (a day) and number of NANDS 5k 13k or even more and also WAF and TLC and MLC matters. But over all TBW matters. Just type how to calculate TBW of an ssd. crucial had a very low TBW and kingston based on the model it varies.

  • They lost performance if you use them to write a lot they do not last as long as mecanical drive if you use them for write/read. If you only use SSD mainly to read they will maintain its performance. Check this out.


  • SSD drives are the biggest scam. why would anybody buy one. the drive is fast as long as you don't put any data on it. what a joke. they also fail because of electronic failure

  • One more thing. You can basically tell if a drive is MLC or TLC by the price. Reference to Samsung, 840pro is MLC, 840EVO is TLC. So you can have a idea of the cost difference. As far as I know, SanDisk is the only one that is only producing MLC drive across all SSD models at this point. But this will change very soon and start selling TLC drives

  • I am in flash memory industry. Most if not all high capacity drive today, in your case, the 900GB for sure and most likely the 480GB, use 3bit/cell flash(TLC). This type is just not as robust as 2bit/cell flash (MLC). TLC natively is slower to begin with. Manufacture tries to hide the slower performance using cache cell (1bit/cell). But cache amount is small, usually around 10-15GB, due to cost reason. So yes after some use, cache cells are exhausted, performance drop. About 300 MB/ is very typical sustain speed if TLC drive. Your OS drive is most likely a MLC drive. MLC is natively faster and remain fast for longer. The 500+MB/s is actually limited by the sata3 interface, which has channel bandwidth of 6Gbit/s yielding about 550MByte/s of user data transfer rate under idea condition. In practice, most sata3 device max out at 520MB/s depending on system overheads. Hope this answer some of your questions.

  • It is disappointing to to have something like this happen, degradation of drive performance for apparently no reason; so, I'm sorry Dave.  That really sucks.

    The hardware itself is likely not the issue; rather some phantom daemon process restricting data flow.

    Perhaps running the speed tests in safe mode can verify this is a software issue; and secondly I would suggest getting some system diagnostic and tuning software, e.g. IoIo's System Mechanic, or better third party tool.

    Sorry Dave, it is often the case parasitic and stealth software can drag down performance and it sounds like it is time to tune your system once again.

    Please do post a video of what you found after you solve this problem, as I'm sure you will get to the bottom of this.  It will help others.

  • Like others have said, SSDs tend to get slower over time, as they degrade the more you write to them. Unfortunatly, they dont last as long as HDDs.

  • Why would you do intense video editing with SSDs. Solid state drives hate being written to. In fact, that and the fact that SSDs are relatively expensive compared to He's is the reason why professionals don't use SSDs for editing. I'm sorry to say but your SSDs are probably dying.

  • I've heard Larry Jordan say this several times; SSDs are not suited for video editing. Great for boot drives. They will fail quicker than spinning disk drives, especially when you're writing & reading large video files to them.

  • SSD's don't like to be written to a lot. That's why your OS drive is still fine but your working media and scratch drives are pooping out. They probably won't last much longer if you continue writing to them a lot.

  • I'd suggest backing up the drives and running Spinrite on them at Level 2 read to check for any errors/remapping etc. Before that I'd say you should run HWinfo64 on your system to see if there's any errors marked in the SMART data.

    I've never liked the performance of Kingston drive as I've had two that failed to perform from the box or that slowed down quickly after install. All of my SSD's are Samsung 830 or 840 at 128GB. All 5 perform perfectly with no errors after 1-2 years.

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