Why I Use Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 Instead of CS6

Is Adobe Creative Cloud Worth It? In my opinion yes. Creative Cloud is Better than CS6 Despite how you may feel about the Creative Cloud Subscription Model. Here is why I use Creative Cloud 2017 instead of CS6 or Alternatives to Adobe Software.

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Ultimately you have to make choices about what software you are going to use based on your needs and budget, but the reason I use Adobe Creative Cloud 2017 comes down to how I value my time. My time is worth a lot to me both personally and monetarily and so I want the speed and flexibility it offers. Rather than worrying about saving money, I’d rather position to sell the time I save at the highest rate possible.








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  • Creative cloud is like an apartment that you pay monthly. Not worth it if only for hobbyist. Not worth it also if you are professional. Instead of not thinking paying monthly/annually it will now be a part of your bills. Before, pay one time what you need and thats it. Period! Nothing else to think. 🤣

  • The old method to update software worked fine. Its like car dealers they give free checkups and create lists of problems on the car and recommend tuneups that are not necessary. I find this to be a money grab and consistent advertising gimmick. I purchased my software and have used it for years not to mention there is a learning curve involved having updates. Microsoft updates are annoying like daily my computer holds me hostage to updates whether starting or shutting down I have to wait few minutes. I do not feel comfortable leaving my info on other server its like leaving you wallet open for people to see how much cash is in it. Who is to say that my idea may not be stolen or recreated when hackers attack etc. So why doesn't Adobe give us their source codes or Microsoft say? Why is it propriety and not sitting on my computer to analyze?. Why are we charged for errors with our time on top put up with the advertising. Anyhow waiting for server updates with what ever backdoor are introduced hardly makes me feel comfortable about my personal data sitting on another server outside my control and hardly qualifies as secure.

  • LOLOLOL oh please … this isn't even close to believable. Adobe's subscription model is nothing more than a easy cash grab that MOST of us cannot afford.

  • I am one of those rare people who travels deep into the Amazon and parts of Africa that don't yet have internet, using creative cloud just isn't an option for me because I can be without internet for months or sometimes years at a time while i'm working on my projects.

  • I'm not a professional designer. I don't do it for a living. I would describe myself as a hobbyist that wants to use it once in a while. Coming from a developing country, even the 20-month subscription is a relatively big expense. I don't know if there's a free alternative.

  • thanks for the video. I was using CS6 for years many years ago but then no longer have the software. used Inkscape, too slow and glicthes, so considering buying another Ai CS6 on ebay. one selling for $1099.99 brand new. I was almost bought it this past weekend but I am glad the seller do not want to lower the price and I don't want to pay the asked price. So I use the trial CC and I think I like all the new feature Ai CC has to offer. I own a full time job and paying $240 annually is quite doable even though I am using it for just hobby now but I think I am ready to jump in and subscribe to Ai CC.

  • Subscription based model is future. Cz selling once and thn provide support is just not feasible. Games and software a like

  • I wish I had Photoshop CC (and Lightroom), but I am in high school and the 10 USD/Month does not fit into my budget. I already own Ps CS6 so I use that. But if I was a professional and earned money from photography I would definitely use CC.

  • Roberto Blake what if I Have no intentions of making money with my videos ! I just make videos of the wild Japan and my life in the wild outdoors of Japan,and teach techniques that can help people survive in an emergency,which editing program would you suggest? I have “ LumaFusion “ on my iPhone but don’t know how to transfer it to my new and very fast PC

  • I don't really think you need a mac. The mac is a PC with a fancy case and a fancy OS. The creative cloud is what matters. Not what computer you have.

  • Hey thanks a lot Blake I really appreciate this video and help me learn the value of my time and my work.

  • The only "deal breaker" is not being able to edit past projects if you cancel your subscription. Traditional model wins there.

  • Your argument is flawed… most of us don't used the adobe software 8 hours a day, so saving time isn't an issue. Comparing the software cost to film cost is a poor comparison. My point is we used to have a program which we didn't have to pay monthly, and now we have to pay monthly now for getting the latest updates. I am still researching this option, but stop 'preaching' about us getting over it. I hear you, I will take your points into consideration, just remember most of us use these software for our love of photography, and not as a profession.

  • CS6 is bascially CC without a "cloud" being over your head. You're being monitored and told "what you need". All this nonsense about features and ease of access to this and that is to keep Adobe paid, offering you stuff you will probably never use in your life. Anything cloud base will slow you down. You're constantly connected to a server with no knowledge of who is watching. So instead of your application running just on your computer, it connects to the internet in a sync type way. Unless you have a very high end fast computer, you will have speed issues. Then there are multiple Adobe applications such as Adobe Air checking for updates. Simplicity is productivity. Cloud benefits Adobe, not you. Microsoft One drive and Apple iCloud does the same thing. It's an evolution to control users by connectivity. It's no different than someone asking you to hold your belongings so you may have to contact them to use it.

  • i have a lifetime license selling for 49.99 GBP for a mac or windows, email me on mohammedshah47@gmail.com if interested

  • Hi Mr. Blake! Why do I only have a 2014 updates in all my Adobe Creative Cloud? I'm new to this thing, want to update in atleast 2017cc apps. Can you help me solve this please? thank you very much!

  • Thanks for this it helps a lot. I’m new to this as a whole literally have been asking these people these questions for weeks

  • i ama guy who owns 300$ custom pc built 3 yrs ago. cc 2018 apps instantly crash even while launching so i use cs6.

  • I'm glad I don't drink coffee, watch TV or smoke. I'm also glad I've trial tested CC recently as Roberto convinced me with his awesome argument that I was being stupid.
    Couple of nice tricks in CC but not much faster than CS6, so to me, not worth the upgrade.

  • The problem with your argument is that you assume we’re all making money off our art. I’m a trained artist and I use photoshop everyday, but it’s not a source of income. The fact of the matter is that I bought CS4 when it came out for roughly $400 (student discount). That $400 value has served me well for nearly a decade but for me to upgrade to the newest edition it will cost me over $600 per year.
    $400/10 years
    You do the math.
    It’s a scam; plain and simple.

  • You da man Roberto, some people will watch you walk on water and say it’s because you can’t swim. Keep spittin’ truth brotha those of us here to learn LOVE it 🤙🏻

  • I have multiple machines. Can I access my creative cloud subscription from either machine? or is the subscription single machine specific?

  • Hey Roberto, would I be able to open a long documentary project from Adobe CS6 to a newer version like CC 2017? I'm thinking of upgrading to a newer version for the sake of this project but I don't want to risk uninstalling my cracked version of CS6 to download a newer cracked version in the middle of the most important project of my life. Thoughts anyone? Thanks.

  • here's what your not understanding buddy. for most of us we don't use adobe professionally and so a lot of what your saying makes sense in a professional environment. but the reason I want adobe is for my 8 year old daughter, so she can play with it while learning the workflow of professional tools. she's an 8 year old I'm not paying £260p/y for her to mess around. Id pay it as a one off knowing I might get some use out of it at some point. but IMHO if adobe want a future in the market they need to make the software available to potential customers that's why windows is so widely used. even if you don't have the money they let you use it anyway. and then when you finally get the money to buy a PC you buy a windows PC because that's what you know how to use. bottom line, if adobe don't stop being so greedy people will start to use the next best thing which will end up becoming THE best thing because they will have the support of the young upcoming talent. money does not = talent.

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