Willamina Forest Timelapse #5 Cutting, Loading & Hauling, Farming Simulator 19 Seasons

FS19 Willamina Forest Timelapse Series with seasons mod continues as we continue clearing more trees to make money to buy the next area of land we need. Once we buy the the land we clear a path throudh the trees upto the northern bridge which crosses over to the area of land we will be buying for the farm.

Willamina Forest Map By Catalyzer Gaming:

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▶ 1. 00:00 Wildflowers feat. Zyke: 17

▶ 2. 04:01 Bang Bang feat. Steven Ellis: The waiting game

▶ 3. 07:13 Walking Hearts: Jessie (Instrumental)

▶ 4. 11:02 Harper Rey: As if we were one

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