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Many people have complained that Windows 10 is slow with their SSD. Some people this is after cloning a hard drive and for some it is a fresh install. This video goes through all the things you can try to speed up your Windows 10 system on a solid state drive.

Registry changes:
*Change all encounters of EnableULPS from 1 to 0

*Change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPowerPowerSettings012ee47-9041-4b5d-9b77-535fba8b1442b2d69d7-a2a1-449c-9680-f91c70521c60Attributes from 1 to 2

*Change HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPowerPowerSettings012ee47-9041-4b5d-9b77-535fba8b1442dab60367-53fe-4fbc-825e-521d069d2456Attributes from 1 to 2

*more steps in video

powercfg commands:
*powercfg /list

*regedit alternative:

*Update HP BIOS:

*Boot into Safe Mode:

*Update AMD graphics driver:

*HP envy m6-k022dk
*legacy mode
*Sandisk X210 512 GB SSD
*installing Windows 10 took me over 35 hours due to this issue. The install disk has the problem
*My computer would freeze up and update frames every couple seconds
*getting “storahci resetting raidport0” in event viewer

Credit goes to for finding extra option for disk drive



25 Replies to “Windows 10 with SSD is Slow FIX”

  1. After having cloned my disk system to an SSD, Windows 10 was constantly freezing, I updated the firmware of my Kingston SSD and my problem was solved. I hope this helps!

  2. 👨‍💻💭NOTE: 🆘 ulps set to 0 For AMD graphic cards 😳💭Always search google b4 you do anything saves me conflicts👍
    2019 win10 i7-9700k > trying to tune this 2200 speed Adata nvme-2 ssd

  3. Windows 10 in no matter the drives, is a fucking joke.
    Windows 10 is the very first one that gave me nerves to get a SSD. And I got one. Just. To. "Work".

  4. LOL Your Cheap SSD
    <3 bought a 6gbps speed ssd in july 2019 samsung best ssd ever boots my pc in just 5.5 secs rpm per hour min 4096 *8192

  5. Thanks, good effort, I did some changes as you mentioned; it did help for some days, which was on and off until I realized that my power adapter was faulty.; so i replaced it with a 90W adapter and I could see the result immediately.; the pc is flying again, no need to reboot 🙂
    I wish I knew it before all these changes and reformatting the PC several times!

  6. many thanks, this worked: standard regedit search takes too long, i believe there were just 2 EnableULPS entries, but there are more.

  7. Damn you are a legend 😀 I was trying to copy 35gb from my HDD to SSD and it was copying at like 100 KB/S. I was like wtf is happening 😀 Still I am wondering why this was like that because my windows did feel like it was slowed down…

  8. i bought samsumg evo 960 500gb 2 of them, i tranfer file between those SSD to SSD it stupidly slow 10mbps. while HHD to SSD or HHD to SSD the tranfer rates above 100 mbps

  9. I heard that if you only have intel graphics, that you do NOT need to worry about this? Because "Ulps" or "Ultra Low Power State" is something only offered by AMD processors?
    thanks for reading this comment. Have a nice day.

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