World's Most Amazing Farming Machines and Agriculture Technology! – Pure Farming 2018 Gameplay

Welcome to Pure Farming 2018! Pure Farming 2018 is a brand new global farming game with the most amazing machines and equipment! ►Download Pure Farming 2018 on Steam:

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Pure Farming 2018 Gameplay Overview:


Use the latest technology and state-of-the-art licensed machines to manage all aspects of modern farming. Travel between Europe, Asia, and both Americas to plant region-specific crops such as hemp, coffee beans, and olives. Farm your way thanks to three unique game modes tailored to both simulation veterans and newcomers to farming games.

All-In-One – Try your hand at almost every imaginable aspect of modern farming, such as animal husbandry, orchards, greenhouses, field cultivation, green energy and more.

100% Licensed Machines – Drive faithfully recreated farming vehicles from such industry leaders as Zetor, Landini, McCormick, Gregoire, DAF, Mitsubishi, and many more. Reproduced down to the smallest detail, including their weight and physics, the machines will offer a realistic, in-depth experience of running a modern farm.

Global Farming – Travel between your farms located in Italy, Colombia, Japan and Montana, USA. Grow unique region-specific crops and use dedicated machines never before seen in farming simulators, including the rice planter, hemp harvester and more.

Farming For Everyone – Three different games modes for different playstyles. Enjoy the freedom and challenge of running your own farm in Free Farming, learn the ins and outs of agriculture in My First Farm, or test your farming skills in objective-focused Farming Challenges.

Nature Is Beautiful – Admire the breath-taking landscapes of four continents and enjoy realistic, high-quality graphics.

Germany Map – Expand your global farming with the Germany Map for hours of additional gameplay. Run a new farm located in one of the most beautiful parts of Germany and try your hand at unique, region-specific activities: growing rapeseed and raising sheep.

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Download Pure Farming 2018 on Steam:

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