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So i accidentally got my Mi8SE in a Boot loop.

here is the factory reset that fixed it once again!

Inital Instructions found here: Posted by clemclemclem

1. Download and install Xiaomi Mi Flash Tool from here:

2. Download latest China developer Rom from here:

3. Open up MiFlash and plug in your phone, MiFlash should recognise it.

4. Select the Rom you downloaded.

5. Select “Clean All” and not “Clean All & Lock” before flashing.

6. Flash and enjoy. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=–=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

Tools that i use frequently that are Ali-express Affiliate linked

CPB Heat pad:
This is the Blue Pad i always have on my videos usually set at 60 Oc
I use this to soften adhesive on mobile devices.

Heat Resistant Tape:
When using the heat gun near sensitive parts, its best to cover them
With this to protect them

Double Sided Black Tape:
The usual tape i use on most repairs, on screens

Red Clear Tape:
For things that need more Stick!,usually on tablet digitizers

Phone Repair Tool Kit:
A Similar tool kit to mine, that i use for those random screws that you dont normally see

Hakko FX 951 Clone Station:
My Soldering Station i use, so far it has been good

Quick 861DW Hot Air Station:
This was a purchase to learn a bit more in micro soldering
So far it has been a great purchase

Power Z USB Amp Tester:
Advanced readouts of power draw on devices

Basic USB Amp Tester:
A Simple Amp tester to see if your charger is actually putting out power

Black Tweezers Set:
The Black Tweezers i use in my videos

Metal Pry Tool :
This is the same as the metal pry tool i use, different brand printed on it

Pry Tool:
A New Version of the pry tools

Basic Digital Microscope:
This is the kit i purchased to do micro soldering, if you see a video
of me micro soldering it was captured on this cameras feed

Orico 120w 10 Port Charging Station:
The Charging station i use out the back, usually having multiple devices connected
Doesn’t support Fast charging but still does a good job

One page i go to when I’m curious what new repair tools is Wozniak Store:
The Gold and Black Iphone 4s Screw Mats Im using 90% of the time


32 Replies to “Xiaomi Mi 8SE Stuck in Fastboot Mode Fix”

  1. Stuck at fastboot following ur video and it success, but it didnt boot to system instead boot to miui recovery and stuck there. is there another solution?

  2. i search for almost 8hours for solution your tutorial is the only one that solve my problem loveyou bro thanks

  3. Thank you very much! A few additional issues and solutions I ran into myself:
    1) I I tried to flash a wrong folder once and afterwards the phone would reset on every fastboot command from my PC, even when reopening the Mi Flash tool or restarting my PC. I proceeded to install Mi Flash on another computer and try to refresh it there and it magically worked. Whether I needed to reinstall Mi Flash or it was the other computer that did the trick I'm not sure.

    2) While Rick says to download the latest Chinese developer version, Rick installed the normal Chinese version in the video. I've tried both this version, the latest stable ROM and the latest developer ROM. The latest china developer ROM fastboot (9.6.20) is the correct one. The stable ROM had broken wifi and didn't allow me to access the bootloader.

    3) After downloading that fastboot rom, there's a TAR file INSIDE of a Tar.gz file. You need to extract the Tar file to somewhere. Then RENAME that Tar file and put .zip at the end instead of .tar. It will give some "this can corrupt files" blabla just press yet. Now you can open the zip file and THEN drag that folder inside of it into separate folder. Then select that folder as for the Mi Flash tool (don't forget to set it to clean all and NOT clean all and lock)

  4. Hi, I have xiaomi mi note 3 with locked boot loader , the phone stuck on mi recovery like bootloop , after 10.4 update rom. can you adise please how i can fix it ?

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