XIAOMI Mi A1 Oreo 8.0 | Unlock Bootloader |Flash Twrp | Root with Magisk |

This guide will help you to unlock boot loader flash twrp and root your MiA1 . It took me a complete day to Find which file to be used .
Warning: Do not use any other file that may create issues like bootloop .


Recovery Files & Recovery installer:

( Sorry for mirror of the above file as i tested amny files and dont remember from wher I downloaded this so had to create Mirror)


Patched Boot Image:

Choose file as per you device software.

ONEPLUS 3/3T Gets face Unlock feature:

Cardinal Xtended Oreo 8.1 for oneplus 3/3T!!!

StarWars Theme For ONEPLUS 5 !!!!

Portrait Mode for Non Pixel Devices!!!



My previous video: AR STICKERS


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