Xiaomi MIPAD 2 | How to Flash MIUI 7 Official Without Update App?

How to flash or Install MIUI 7 on the Xiaomi MiPad 2 when there is no updater button? Usually this is associated with having a custom rom installed by a 3rd party like the seller.

There is a solution and i will be sharing that with you today.

My spoken English sometimes fails so heres a writen guide:

1- Download the Official MIUI 7 ROM for the Mi Pad 2 from the official page to our PC –

2. Then we need to rename the downloaded file to update.zip

3. Connect the Mi Pad 2 to a Windows machine via USB cable.

4. Then Open the Mi Pad in the File Explorer and copy the update.zip file to the MIPAD 2

5. Power off Mi Pad 2

6. Then we have to press “Volume Up” button + “Power” button at the same time and hold down until the “Recovery Mode” appears.

7. Using the “Volume Down” chose “Install update.zip” and then press “Power” button to select. It will ask us to confirm the action, and we just need to press “Power” button to confirm.

8. It will start the flash.

9- After finishing it ask if you want to “Reboot”, “Power Off”, “Wipe & Reset” or “Install Update” so we just need to select Reboot and it will take a while showing a progress bar.

9. Then it will reboot again and show another progress bar that takes longer, but don’t worry its normal.

10. And once it turns on we will now see aps that we didn’t have before including the Update app that now allow us for Online Updates.





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  • Thanks for the great tutorial
    Can’t find mi pad 2 at the provided link
    Any new roms available for mi pad 2 ?

  • yeah, my Mi pad 4 plus came with a Rom that has many bugs and no OTA option to update anything.
    This sounds very easy however, Iv'e read many other tutorials for the MI Pad 4 and they require the MIflash tool.
    This is probably ok for those older models though.

  • Roberto, Can you please provide me with the exact link to download MIUI 7 ROM for Mi Pad 2 because on link there is no info about this model? Thanx in advance!

  • hello.. i tried to click your link to download but cannot find mi pad 2 model. do you have other link? thx by the way..

  • Hi Jorge nice tutorial. Is it possible to have a look on the download link- not working? Looks like Xiaomi does not include the Mi Pad on the Rom download page anymore. Tried to look around on another xiaomi support page like forum but don't know the right rom to download . Sorry just got one mi pad 2 second hand. Many thanks.

  • Hey Joger
    I just tried your temporary method but it isn't working for my mi pad
    So I can't connect mi to the PC

    Plz help me how to save the update.zip file in my mi pad so that I can flash it

  • Sir i have MI PAD with version 7.3 and ithas updaterwhich gives version 7.5.2.
    I also face youtube problem and sometimes now a days black screen problem. What should i do…your process will work on my device??

  • Hey … Jorge
    Is there any Global ROM for MI PAD 3 like upgrading 8 to 9 ???
    As they say it's totally stable ( for MI Pad 3 but it's not,play sore do not work properly and sometimes it goes to black screen.
    If you know any lill info about it then reply it thank you… and your videos are really helpful
    😃😃😃 Keep sharing with us

  • Thank you for VERY clear instructions, but can I ask you why Google Play Store will not work on my Mi Pad 2 running Miui Global 7.2. Will this action enable Play Store ? Thanks.

  • Excuse me Jorge, latest one: If I do the backup in Settings, by Mi Account, can it re-set all my contents, apps, exc. inside the MiPad after the new rom? or i must download and login again with all the apps and data? thank you

  • Hallo Roberto Jorge and thanx for your clear explanation. My MiPad 2 is affected by this issue. I bought it on gear best and it arrived to me with Playstore and the MIUI version 8.2 stable with firmware version. Anyway i continue to have the problem black screen. My question are:
    1- if i can follow your instructions in this video with OS apple, cause i have retina 15" with the latest OS Sierra. Have you ever tasted the process with it, windows apart?
    2- Is it strange in your opinion that i have the issues even if i don t have 7.exc….firmware versions? what it better, try to flash anyway? The device occur in it at least 3-4 times per day…

    thanx a lot


  • Roberto por favor, qual MIUI 7 VC usou pra instalar? vc pode me falar a versão? eu instalei a global oficial 8, mas o.problema da tela e apps continuam.

  • Hi I am just in the process of trying to update my MIPAD 2 and the ROM version on the MIUI link is now Version: V8.1.3.0.LACCNDI so I assume that it's just the same update process as in your video? My current version is MIUI LXLCNCJ (Stable)

  • Oi Roberto Jorge…. vídeo excelente mas ….. mine does not boot into recovery – just reboots no matter how long I hold down the vol/power. Any ideas? Obrigado!

  • Hi Jorge, I got a problem with my new Redmi note 4 phone , right after I flash my phone with the global rom, all the apps are disappeared except the MI logo, I can"t reboot it either, the logo MI remains on screen till all power runs out.Any help please.

  • dont buy Xiaomi product, very very bad support from that Company! never updates just look at the mipad 1 still on kitkat 4.4.4 and no updates are comming. STAY AWAY ..!!

  • Hello, I received the Mi pad2 yesterday, I follow the above intruccions but I could not make it work, is there anything I need to do before ?

    Thanks for your help !

  • don't work for me, can't get into the recovery mode, i hold the volume button and power button for a long time, but then it shows a progressing bar. does it mean its already updating ?

  • So I have Xiomi Mi4 and am having the white screen problem. Was wondering if the same steps can be used for my phone as well (Of course the MIUI version would be different).

  • Great professional easy to follow vid. Thinking about getting one of these since I am rapidly getting to be a Xiaomi fan by (oh dear). This looked like an easier process that flashing my MI5 which I got a month ago but if the difference with the behaviour and performance is the same as my phone wow , FLASH. Its a Chinese rom that you flash since there is no global so do you then have to remove Chinese apps and install Google? Somebody asked on here why sellers do this. Xiaomi does not sell out side of its official markets so re sellers (in my case gearbest) install a hacked rom that gives you multi language and some Google apps straight out of the box just like it you bought it officially in your own country. Because these early roms are early versions, problems are not sorted since there are no OTA updates. With my MI5 despite being logged into my Mi account i kept getting the message unable to reach servers. 2 of my apps kept crashing , battery life was terrible and it got so hot at times you could cook on it. The official Rom corrects all these problems and my MI5 is now amazing as I am sure the Mi Pad will be. Also some resellers install malware etc , I have never found this with Gearbest and tests show my phone was clean but you do need to be aware. Flashing the official rom should remove any bad stuff.Thanks again Roberto

  • accidentally i wipe all the data, and after that i installed latest version V7.5.4.0.LACCNDE (MIUI7) , how can i install correctly google play?

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