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Thank this guy for the Method :

His Website :

Original XDA Thread :

The thread is translated from another language and is difficult to read. Also, there are some steps incorrect and links invalid in the thread. They have been corrected in the video.

DOWNLOADS (Disable Ad-Block. Otherwise links won’t work.) :

1. Intel ISoC :

2. XFSTk Downloader :
3. Flash files :

a) 551 ML :
b) 550 ML :

4. Asus Flash Tool :

5. Raw Firmware :
a) 551 ML :
b) 550 ML :

6. Intel USB Drivers :

Music :
NCS Release


48 Replies to “Zenfone 2 Stuck on USB Logo – Unbrick Hard Bricked Zenfone 2 ZE 551ML / ZE 550ML”

  1. I would like to add something in your description……. i would like to tell that what problems i had faced and what is the solution i applied ?

    1. While flashing system i got this message

    >fastboot flash system system.img
    load_file: could not allocate -2034364392 bytes
    error: cannot load 'system.img'

    2. so i used mfastboot ( and it worked for me

    and use this command-
    mfastboot flash system system.img
    mfastboot flash system system.img -P

    3.My system Booted but the ASUS logo screen and booting proces wass totally blank.
    so i used Unlock Device App: Unlock boot loader from aus website

  2. Sella
    Please can you tell me, to flash the operation that you did on the site, what I write these files
    The same file you downloaded and flashed on the site, I need to write and find out what these files were downloaded
    Meanwhile, my phone is the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 N900.
    Send me the files you need this phone for
    Telegram = @mosho60
    Give you God to help.

  3. Hello. Everythinh went correctly, I got te colourful flag, but the link for asus flash tool is not available, pls help

  4. I just stuck at xFSTK Downloader>begin Download
    The USB LOGO just flash several times, and the computer notification sounds played again and again
    Tried at least a hundred times, no once success
    It's very frustrated me that the phone just on my sight but I can't do anything to rescue it
    Thought I failed with this way, still thanks uploader make this video

  5. Hello, if I choose no in the "wipe" Menu. Will it still delete my internal memory? Cause lot of image and video there, I don't want to lose them…. Please

  6. I was having a different issue, but I finally solved.

    Guys, if you see the 4 colors and after that a black screen (with backlight) you are good to go! You can use Asus Flash Tool (and fastboot commands) when you see the black screen.

    As people already said, the first time you use AFT, because the serial is wrong, flash the raw file for about 6 minutes, then unplug your cell phone and close AFT. Then replug your phone and open AFT again and it should shjow your correct serial, so you can flash the raw file and joy will come 😀

  7. I've made it to Download FW and OS Completed, but it does not display the flag screen and fastboot screen…Can you help me with the problem?

  8. When i try flashing its showing error like Flash image failure (FAILED (remote: GPT command failed) . Please help me with this

  9. my device is restarting for every 30seconds and showing the usb logo..what to do? while doing this process it is restarting all the time

  10. I've tried this method, in the end of xfstk process, os succed downloaded and restart automatically but its back to logo usb. I've tried this 20 attempt but the result is same back to usb logo, help me please

  11. xFSTK-Downloader is completely empty when I run it. There is no tabs or buttons at all. The phone is connected to the PC but is restarting every 1-2 minutes with the same USB logo on the screen. What I did wrong?!

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